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10 Ways Protein Power


10 Ways  Protein Power

10 Ways Protein Power

Make It 10 Ways With:
Chicken, Pork, Red Meat, Cheese, Eggs, Soy, Pulses, Tuna,
Prawns, Fish
Protein is the buzz nutrient of the moment. For sustained
feel-good energy, muscle strength and weight loss, it is your
friend. With so many great protein sources to choose from, there
is no need to fall back on the same old same old. Embrace
For each of the 10 major protein sources, here you'll find 10
winning recipes.

Price: $19.99

Plenty Of Stock

Item Code: 10WAYPR

ISBN: 9781922432803

Format: Hardcover

Collection: 10 Ways Titles

Pages: 256

Dimensions: H 240mm x W 190mm x D 28mm

Weight: 1040g

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