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1000 Ideas By 100 Manga Artists


1000 Ideas By 100 Manga Artists

1000 Ideas By 100 Manga Artists

Brimming with visual inspiration and sage advice, this stunning
book introduces 100 manga artists, who share their work, their
influences, and practical tips in words and images. There are
dozens of books that can teach you how to draw manga, and just as
many that talk about manga and its origins-1,000 Ideas by 100
Manga Artists is the only book that treats manga as a philosophy
to be explored. In its pages, 100 manga "philosophers"-artists,
cartoonists, and illustrators who have been influenced by
manga-are asked 20 questions about their work, career, and
relationship with manga. Each artists chooses 10 questions to
answer in both words and pictures.

Top Price: $35.00

Price: $14.99

On Order (ETA April 2024)

Item Code: 100IDMA

ISBN: 9780785840671

Format: Paperback

Pages: 320

Dimensions: H 236mm x W 220mm