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Being You Journal Of Self Reflection A

Creative Journal Fly With Me.

15 Minute Habits Stress Less


15 Minute Habits  Stress Less

15 Minute Habits Stress Less

Deliver the change you want in just 15 minutes a day
Are you ready to discover the (super) power of habit?
Habits shape our lives. Take control over yours - break away from
bad ones and embrace positive ones - with the help of this
interactive journal.
Have fun exploring new habits from the 50 ideas outlined in this
book, and then use the structured journal prompts to reflect on
your experiences and keep building your skills.
In just 15 minutes a day, it is possible to find what you seek:
calm, acceptance and a feeling that life is 'just right'.
Also Available - Dream Life, Mindset Shift

Price: $14.99

Plenty Of Stock

Item Code: 15MINPE

ISBN: 9781922944467

Format: Hardcover

Collection: 15 Minute Habits

Pages: 176

Dimensions: H 205mm x W 165mm x D 20mm

Weight: 500g

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