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Being You Journal Of Self Reflection A

Plant Over Processed

Better Birth

by Hancock, Heather; NEWMAN, LAREEN

Better Birth  Definitive Guide To Childbirth Choic

Better Birth The Definitive Guide To Childbirth Choices

Better Birth is written from both the personal and professional
viewpoint about choosing the birthplace, the caregiver, and how
an understanding of the process can result in a truly positive
and satisfying birth. Many women think that birth is something
that has to 'endured' and are often uncertain about what their
real options are. This book clarifies the confusing issues and
helps you to make vital decisions about your experience.
Completely updated and revised this second edition ensured this
essential reference book for women is available.

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Item Code: BETBIR

ISBN: 9781742573434

Format: Paperback

Pages: 203

Dimensions: H 230mm x W 170mm x D 15mm

Weight: 315g