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New Zealand

Black Dogs Project The


Black Dogs Project  The

Black Dogs Project The

The Black Dog Project is an eye-opening photo series featuring
the stunning photographs of canine noir.
A pair of yellow eyes in the darkness. Scary, menacing, unnerving
, everything that these dogs are not. It's known as Black Dog
Syndrome in animal shelters and dog rescues. A widespread problem
across the world, it refers to the unfortunate phenomenon that
black dogs are frequently the LAST dogs to be adopted and the
FIRST dogs to be euthanized in rescue shelters. Photographer Fred
Levy couldn't believe it, and began talking with shelters all
across the country. Not only does the phenomen exist, but he
discovered it's an epidemic. Levy decided to turn his camera lens
to black dogs. With affectionate personalities, floppy ears,
fluffy tails, goofy grins, and sad-sap eyes, the 75 gorgeous
photographs in The Black Dog Project are showing the world how
beautiful these animals truly are.

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ISBN: 9781631060885

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 312

Dimensions: H 260mm x W 260mm x D 12mm

Weight: 1020g