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Body Of Art


Body Of Art

Body Of Art

The first book to celebrate the beautiful and provocative ways
artists have represented, scrutinized and utilized the body over
Examines art through that most accessible and relatable lens the
human body.
There are no directly comparable titles in the market; this is
the only book to examine the subject in such depth and scope.
Diverse and multi-cultural, it explores the manifestations of the
body through time, cultures and media.
Visually arresting, this book will surprise, inspire and inform
art lovers everywhere.
Over 400 artists featured works range from 11,000 BC hand
stencils in Argentine caves to videos and performances by
contemporary artists such as Marina Abramovic, Joan Jonas and
Bruce Nauman.

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Item Code: BODYART

ISBN: 9780714869667

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 440

Dimensions: H 312mm x W 242mm x D 41mm

Weight: 3096g