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Cancel Culture And The Left's Long March


Cancel Culture And The Left's Long March

Cancel Culture And The Left's Long March

Cancel culture and political correctness are destroying free
speech and Western civilisation's institutions and way of life -
it's time to fight back and return to sanity. A topical and
informative anthology exploring the origins and impact of cancel
culture and political correctness on Western societies -
including schools, universities, political and legal systems, the
church, family, the media and intermediary organisations such as
trade unions and professional bodies. Especially as a result of
the Black Lives Matter movement and the impact of political
correctness not a week goes by without public controversy and

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Item Code: CANCULT

ISBN: 9781925927566

Format: Paperback

Pages: 182

Dimensions: H 241mm x W 158mm x D 19mm

Weight: 250g