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I Am Beautiful

Cats Love Love Cats


Cats Love  Love Cats

Cats Love Love Cats

Cats command respect. They negotiate boundaries. They know how to
get their needs met. They observe before acting. They value and
care for themselves.
The more chaotic life is, the more we seek simple lessons. So set
aside the self-help books and look here instead, where cats of
all types and temperaments will tell you - Live mindfully, like a
cat, and you will find the path to peace and happiness.
Also Available - Dogs Love Love Dogs

Price: $12.99

Plenty Of Stock

Item Code: CATLOVE

ISBN: 9781922432551

Format: Hardcover

Collection: Cats Love Dogs Love

Pages: 224

Dimensions: H 225mm x W 155mm x D 20mm

Weight: 596g

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