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Classic Porsche 911 Buyer's Guide 1965-1998

Luxe Travel Book Australia

Class Act A


Class Act  A

Class Act A

Rob Beckett never seems to fit in. At work, in the middle-class
world of television and comedy, he?s the laddie, cockney geezer,
but to his mates down the pub in south-east London, he?s the
theatrical one, a media luvvie. Even at home, his wife and kids
are posher than him. In this hilarious exploration of class, Rob
compares his life growing up as a working-class kid to the life
he lives now, trying to understand where he truly belongs.
Will he always be that fat kid who was told he'd never be a
high-flyer? Why does he feel ashamed if he does anything vaguely
middle class? Will he ever favour craft beer over lager? What
happens if you eat 50 olives and drink two bottles of champagne?
Why is 'boner' such a funny word?

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Item Code: CLASACT

ISBN: 9780008468224

Format: Paperback

Pages: 288

Dimensions: H 234mm x W 153mm x D 22mm

Weight: 396g