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Clue Is In The Poo The


Clue Is In The Poo  The

Clue Is In The Poo The

A fascinating and funny guide to animals and their poo, and all
the other tracks and traces they leave behind. You will be amazed
(and perhaps a little revolted!) by the things that can be
learned about wildlife from their deposits. Become a detective,
find clues and learn all about animals from what they leave
behind. From faeces to footprints, skins to shells and eggs,
discover all there is to know about wild animals & even those
that are particularly dangerous to track like tigers and wolves!
Whether you're an armchair enthusiast or a forest forager, one
thing's for sure this fully illustrated compendium of poops,
pellets and prints is not to be sniffed at!

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Price: $7.99

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Item Code: CLUPOOP

ISBN: 9781682973714

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 64

Dimensions: H 300mm x W 215mm x D 10mm

Weight: 584g