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Pete Cromer Bushlife

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Crystals Kit


Crystals Kit

Crystals Kit

Discover the healing powers of crystals with this kit containing
a crystal for each colour of the rainbow and a guide exploring
the significance and benefits of each colour and stone.
The Crystals Kit introduces six of the earth's most fascinating
and beautiful minerals displayed in a rainbow spectrum, with
details on how they're formed and how to use them for meditation
and healing. The guide also provides information on how to
cleanse and care for the stones, and even where to best place
them indoors or out to create positive energy.

Top Price: $49.99

Price: $19.99

On Order (ETA April 2024)

Item Code: CRYSKIT

ISBN: 9780785841210

Format: Kit or Box Set

Pages: 64

Dimensions: H 420mm x W 256mm