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Dark Forces


Dark Forces

Dark Forces

When you're caught between two evils, only the most decisive will
survive. The thirteenth book in action supremo Stephen Leather's
Spider Shepherd series is his most pulse-pounding yet. A violent
South London gang will be destroyed if Dan 'Spider' Shepherd can
gather enough evidence against them while posing as a ruthless
hitman. What he doesn't know is that his work as an undercover
agent for MI5 is about to intersect with the biggest terrorist
operation ever carried out on British soil. Only weeks before
Shepherd witnessed a highly skilled IS sniper escape from a
targeted missile strike in Syria. The clock is ticking and only
he stands between us and Armageddon.

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Item Code: DARFORC

ISBN: 9781473604063

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 424

Dimensions: H 240mm x W 160mm x D 35mm

Weight: 706g