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Best Ever Low-carb Cookbook The





Africa has had more than its share of dictators, but Henderson
Gushungo may be the worst. Millions starve and opponents are
flung in jail, while Gushungo and his cronies get rich on the
country's rich natural resources. A powerful consortium of
political and business interests offer Samuel Carver the job of
enforcing regime change. Can the taking of one life save millions
of others? And can Carver trust the men who hired him? As the
action hurtles from the plains of southern Africa to the teeming
streets of Hong Kong, and an old enemy rises from the grave to
haunt him once more, Carver becomes both the hunter and the
hunted in a deadly game where the survival of a nation is at

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Item Code: DICTA

ISBN: 9780552161466

Format: Paperback

Pages: 496

Dimensions: H 197mm x W 125mm x D 35mm

Weight: 354g