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Dinosaur Infosaurus Killer Dinosaurs


Dinosaur Infosaurus  Killer Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Infosaurus Killer Dinosaurs

Did you know that Velociraptor was was no bigger than a sheep?
Explore the world of meat-eating dinosaurs in Killer Dinosaurs.
Learn about their special features, how much they ate and when
they lived. From T. rex to Velociraptor, you'll find out about
all kinds of fascinating facts about these fierce and violent
beasts.?Also available: The Age of Dinosaurs.

Top Price: $19.95

Price: $12.99

Limited Stock

Item Code: DININKI

ISBN: 9781526310781

Format: Hardcover

Collection: Dinosaur Infosaurus

Pages: 32

Dimensions: H 290mm x W 223mm x D 7mm

Weight: 362g

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