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Editing Emma


Editing Emma

Editing Emma

Move over Georgia Nicolson. Say goodbye to Geek Girl. Meet Emma
Nash. When sixteen year old Emma is ghosted by love of her life
Leon Naylor she does what any normal girl would do.Emma spends
the summer lurking in her bedroom, avoiding all human contact
(and the shower), surrounded by the collection of chewit wrappers
she saved from packs Leon gave her, back when he actually
acknowledged her existence.
But seeing Leon suddenly - In a relationship?on Facebook with the
perfect Anna, spurs Emma into action and she embarks on a mission
to make positive changes to her life (or edits,if you will)
and vows to use the internet for more than obsessively stalking
Leon?s activities! Instead, she will use it for good and noble
causes like finding someone who will actually be nice to her, and
recording her findings for the rest of the world to see (i.e. BFF
Steph and her mum) on her new Editing Emma blog.

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Item Code: EDIEMMA

ISBN: 9780008220976

Format: Paperback

Pages: 368

Dimensions: H 197mm x W 130mm x D 20mm

Weight: 232g