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Eyes That Speak To The Stars


Eyes That Speak To The Stars

Eyes That Speak To The Stars

A young Asian boy notices that his eyes look different from his
peers' after seeing his friend?s drawing of them. After talking
to his father, the boy realizes that his eyes rise to the skies
and speak to the stars, shine like sunlit rays, and glimpse
trails of light from those who came before in fact, his eyes are
like his father's, his agong?s, and his little brother's, and
they are visionary.
Inspired by the men in his family, he recognizes his own power
and strength from within. This extraordinary picture book
redefines what it means to be truly you.

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Item Code: EYESPST

ISBN: 9780063057753

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 40

Dimensions: H 288mm x W 239mm x D 11mm

Weight: 454g