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Jammie Day!


Jammie Day!

Jammie Day!

Cliffy is a middle child, a little less loud, a little less
messy, and a little less conspicuous than his four siblings. One
cold, winter morning, Cliffy doesn't feel like getting dressed.
So he tells his mom it's jammie day and heads to school in his
favorite footy pajamas. His mom might not have been paying
attention. His teacher and his dad are distracted, too. So Cliffy
gets away with it for a day then a week - then a month. The other
kids at school catch on quickly and start making every day jammie
day, too! This playful read-aloud pokes fun at preoccupied adults
and lets the kids win.

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Item Code: JAMMDAY

ISBN: 9781771472005

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 32

Dimensions: H 235mm x W 235mm x D 10mm

Weight: 400g