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Judas Horse


Judas Horse

Judas Horse

Wild mustangs are difficult to rope, their lead stallion wary and
protective of his herd. To capture that special stallion takes
time. He is separated, roped, and lead back to the ranch. Once
tamed, he is sent back into the wild. And before long, he will
lead the entire herd back to the ranch. He is given the name
'Judas Horse'.
When Detective Jack Warr identifies an informer, the terrified
man begins to give details of a massive robbery planned by a team
of unscrupulous and dangerous men.
These men have already orchestrated many audacious robberies,
leaving terrified victims in their wake. And they have already
killed to get what they want. Detective Jack Warr and his team
must use their informant as a 'Judas Horse' to draw in the
unsuspecting robbers, so that they go ahead with the planned
robbery. However, one false move, and more blood will be spilled.

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Item Code: JUDAHOR

ISBN: 9781785769801

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 310

Dimensions: H 240mm x W 162mm x D 31mm

Weight: 534g