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Jumpstart Your Leadership


Jumpstart Your Leadership

Jumpstart Your Leadership

Whether you want to increase your influence, prepare yourself for
that big promotion, or get a handle on leadership for the first
time, you can trust John Maxwell to help you in the journey.
JUMPSTART YOUR LEADERSHIP will give you the insight, inspiration,
and instruction you need to see tangible improvement in your
leadership skills in ninety days.Maxwell gives you clear
leadership principles, prompts you to examine yourself, and
provides actionable step to help you become the leader you've
always wanted to be. And there is space for you to take notes and
document your journey.
This portable volume will give you the tools to develop as a
leader and activate your leadership potential.

Top Price: $24.95

Price: $9.99

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Item Code: JUMYOLE

ISBN: 9781455561124

Format: Hardcover

Collection: John Maxwell Titles

Pages: 192

Dimensions: H 185mm x W 130mm x D 17mm

Weight: 238g

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