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Kangaroo Squadron


Kangaroo Squadron

Kangaroo Squadron

The dramatic untold story of the first US Army unit to cross the
Pacific and strike back at the Japanese after Pearl Harbor.
In early 1942, while most of the American military was still in
disarray from the devastating attacks on Pearl Harbor and the
Philippines, a single squadron advanced to the far side of the
world to face America's new enemy.
Based in Australia with poor supplies and no ground support, the
pilots and crew faced tropical diseases while confronting
numerically superior Japanese forces. Yet the outfit, dubbed the
Kangaroo Squadron, proved remarkably resilient and successful,
conducting long-range bombing raids, armed reconnaissance
missions, and rescuing General MacArthur and his staff from the
Philippines. Before now, the story of their courage and
determination in the face of overwhelming odds has largely been

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ISBN: 9780306845253

Format: Paperback

Pages: 400

Dimensions: H 230mm x W 155mm x D 30mm

Weight: 538g