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Knights In History And Legend


Knights In History And Legend

Knights In History And Legend

The word 'knight' conjures up images of gallant men in gleaming
armour astride their noble steeds, galloping along in search of
foes to fight or fair maidens to rescue. But how accurate is this
picture of knighthood? "Knights" is a lavish guide to this world
of courage and chivalry, when mounted warriors evolved from
simple soldiers on horseback to defenders of the faith during the
Crusades. The book delves into the everyday lives of knights,
from clothing and training to heraldry and the orders. There is a
compelling historical chronicle of knights from premedieval
times through the era of the Normans and Saxons, the Reconquista,
and the decline of traditional knighthood. The book concludes by
examining the role that literature and film have had in shaping
our view of knights.

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ISBN: 9781740480284

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 304

Dimensions: H 305mm x W 235mm x D 28mm

Weight: 2052g