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90 Days To Success Breathe

Listeners The


Listeners  The

Listeners The

A masterful speculative novel exploring the fine lines between
faith, conspiracy, and mania in contemporary America.
While lying in bed next to her husband one night, Claire Devon
hears a low hum that he cannot. And, it seems, no one else can
either. This innocuous noise begins causing Claire headaches,
nosebleeds, insomnia, gradually upsetting the balance of her
life, though no obvious source or medical cause can be found.
When she discovers that a student of hers can also hear the hum,
the two strike up an unlikely and intimate friendship. Finding
themselves increasingly isolated from their families and
colleagues, they fall in with a disparate group of neighbours who
also perceive the sound. What starts as a neighbourhood self-help
group gradually transforms into something far more extreme and
with far-reaching, devastating consequences.

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Item Code: LISTENE

ISBN: 9780008445409

Format: Paperback

Pages: 304

Dimensions: H 210mm x W 135mm x D 22mm

Weight: 302g