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Make Your Own Manga


Make Your Own Manga

Make Your Own Manga

Draw, narrate, and create your own manga adventure with this
interactive workbook featuring blank fill-in panels so you can
set up your very own comic.
What's behind those big, bright eyes? Why is the student
attacking the master? What s inside that box? That s up for you
to decide with Make Your Own Manga!
Featuring six fully illustrated stories from two acclaimed
artists along with blank template panels to create your own
drawings and dialogue, Make Your Own Manga will inspire you to
inject your own imagination into the storyline of each manga
comic. Now you can create your own heroes and villains,
heartbreaks and desires instead of just reading about them on the
page. All you need is a healthy imagination to complete the manga
within these pages. The power to create is in your hands!

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Price: $9.99

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Item Code: MAKEMAN

ISBN: 9781507216514

Format: Paperback

Pages: 192

Dimensions: H 230mm x W 175mm x D 12mm

Weight: 380g