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Being You Journal Of Self Awareness A

Making Machines Science Activity Kit


Making Machines Science Activity Kit

Making Machines Science Activity Kit

Kids will love discovering the wonders of machinery and robots as
they construct a catapult, make their own machines and experiment
with basic robotics and physics!
Perfect for inquiring young minds, the activities in this kit are
fun and educational, providing a strong introduction to the
wonders of science. By combining the items in this kit with
common household objects, the Making Machines book shows science
enthusiasts how to do super-exciting experiments, simply and
safely, at home.
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Top Price: $19.99

Price: $7.99

Plenty Of Stock

Item Code: CURMAMA

ISBN: 9781488946905

Format: Kit or Box Set

Collection: Curious Universe Titles

Pages: 24

Dimensions: H 260mm x W 193mm x D 51mm

Weight: 490g

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