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Australia On The Beach

Maldives The The Luxury Escape.


Maldives The  The Luxury Escape.

Maldives The The Luxury Escape.

The Malvides. A swoon-worthy destination, where fantasies are
indulged and sensory pleasures met. Iconic island resorts, luxury
overwater bungalows with private ocean access. Every whim catered
for. Pure indulgence beckons with bliss-inducing spa treatments.
Glittering shores,turquoise waters and blue skies.
Also Available in this series - Greek Islands, French Riviera,
Palm Springs

Price: $19.99

Plenty Of Stock

Item Code: LUXMIMA

ISBN: 9781922944382

Format: Hardcover

Collection: Luxe Travel Series

Pages: 304

Dimensions: H 245mm x W 182mm x D 30mm

Weight: 950g

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