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Mum, Me And The Mulberry Tree


Mum, Me And The Mulberry Tree

Mum, Me And The Mulberry Tree

A tender, warm-hearted picture book brimming with the love,
energy and anticipation of having a special day with someone you
Will there be many and will they be ripe? Mum whispers, "Just
wait and see."
As the sun starts to rise, a mother and daughter head out, hand
in hand, on their annual outing together. A special tradition,
just the two of them. They?re leaving the town behind and going
to the wild fields, where their mulberry tree is waiting. There's
juice on their hands and stains on their shirts as they collect
berries and share a picnic, then its home to savour crumbly,
sticky slices of fresh mulberry pie.

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Item Code: MUMMEMU

ISBN: 9781406389807

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 32

Dimensions: H 265mm x W 220mm x D 10mm

Weight: 352g