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Night Strike


Night Strike

Night Strike

Former SAS hero John Bald is a man at war with himself and
fighting a losing battle with the bottle. But then he is
reluctantly thrust back into battle. In the race to develop ever
more powerful weapons, technology has become the new frontline in
global terrorism. And when one of America's most cutting-edge
defence contractors suspects a sleeper cell operating in its
midst, the Firm reaches out to its most cold-blooded son. Bald's
mission: kill the sleeper before they can smuggle top-secret
weaponry into the hands of the West's deadliest enemies. But the
mission goes sideways, and Bald is the fall guy. Now he must
pursue the sleeper from the ghettos of Florida to the war-torn
streets of Tripoli, in a relentless hunt for the technology and
the truth.

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Item Code: NIGSTRI

ISBN: 9781444729603

Format: Paperback

Pages: 394

Dimensions: H 197mm x W 130mm x D 25mm

Weight: 292g