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Best Ever Low-carb Cookbook The

15 Minute Habits Dream Life

No More Worries!


No More Worries!

No More Worries!

Do you worry a lot?
Your teens are full of new challenges peer pressure, exams,
wondering what the future holds and everything in between. It's
normal to feel anxious sometimes, but when it starts to affect
your health and happiness it's time to show worry the door and
get your life back on track. No More Worries! contains top tips
and activities to help you alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and
feel better equipped to cope when it strikes, while remaining
positively you.

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Item Code: NOMORWO

ISBN: 9781787839359

Format: Paperback

Pages: 144

Dimensions: H 210mm x W 150mm x D 10mm

Weight: 290g