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Original Horse Bible The

by Reeve, Moira; BIGGS, SHARON

Original Horse Bible  The

Original Horse Bible The

The most comprehensive single volume dedicated to horses,
Original Horse Bible, 2nd Edition is a celebration of the long
relationship that humans and horses enjoy, written by two highly
regarded horsewomen, the late Moira C. Allen and Sharon Biggs.
Covering an array of topics that span the world of horses,
including evolution, domestication, horseback riding, training,
competing, breeding, and so much more, making this complete guide
is a must-have for any avid horse-lover!
An extensive breed chapter offers portraits of approximately 175
breeds, alphabetically arranged, from the Abaco Barb to the Welsh
Pony, plus many rare and handsome breeds from around the world as
well as favorites like the American Quarter Horse, the Shetland
Pony, and the Thoroughbred. With over 100 training and behavior
tips, more than 50 riding, grooming, and health takeaways, and so
much more!

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Price: $19.99

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Item Code: ORIHOBI

ISBN: 9781620084045

Format: Paperback

Pages: 480

Dimensions: H 225mm x W 175mm x D 25mm

Weight: 1154g