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Permission To Dream


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Permission To Dream

On a winter's day, Chris Gardner set off with his nine-year-old
granddaughter Brooke to find the harmonica of her dreams. The
search sends them North beyond the wall into a foreboding
Chicago neighborhood and, soon, on a harrowing adventure that
will change both of their lives and ours.
Chris is still mourning the loss of his girlfriend to brain
cancer. Her question haunts him. Now that we know how short life
can be, what will you do with the time you have left. After five
years, he feels an urgency what he calls, Atomic Time, in which
every second counts to find an answer, but is stuck. Even while
giving Brooke permission to aspire to one day become President of
the United States, he knows it's time to reclaim his own
permission to dream.

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Item Code: PERDREA

ISBN: 9780063099746

Format: Paperback

Pages: 189

Dimensions: H 210mm x W 140mm x D 15mm

Weight: 188g