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Proactive Strength


Proactive  Strength

Proactive Strength

ProActive Strength Training is the perfect guide for working out
at home. This book takes readers through 501 functional moves and
power exercises to improve strength, stability, flexibility and
endurance, to boost aerobic fitness and build muscles, and to
increase endurance, heart rate and stamina. Also included is a
code to access a complete strength training video.
Every exercise includes instructional images and clear, detailed
directions. Each major exercise features informative anatomical
illustrations that highlight the primary and secondary working
muscles, with tips on the correct form to ensure readers are
working safely and efficiently.
Also Available - Core, Pilates, Yoga

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Price: $6.99

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Item Code: PROACST

ISBN: 9781488923074

Format: Paperback

Collection: Proactive Titles

Pages: 192

Dimensions: H 247mm x W 201mm x D 15mm

Weight: 724g

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