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Ready To Go! Mealtime


Ready To Go!  Mealtime

Ready To Go! Mealtime

This kit contains everything parents need to make mealtime a
success. Learn how to establish a healty and harmonious mealtime
routine wit your child using expert strategies and advice, as
well as a rewards program that motivates children throughout this
important developmental stage.
The kit contains an easy-to-follow instructional parent guide, a
a delightfully illustrated board book featuring a charming story
designed to encourage and support children, 2 fun reward charts
and 48 reward stickers to motivate children and positively
reinforce their successes.
Also available: Bedtime, Toilet Time For Boys, Toilet Time for
Girls, Manners.

Price: $14.99

Plenty Of Stock

Item Code: REAGOME

ISBN: 9781488904981

Format: Kit or Box Set

Pages: 14

Dimensions: H 250mm x W 180mm x D 7mm

Weight: 462g