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Robot House


Robot House

Robot House

The next generation of architectural design is moving outside
the box. Robotic arms are beginning to replace and advance now
common digital fabrication technologies, radically altering the
established process of how we design and build space, offering a
new paradigm for architecture. This book has three central
sections: `Techniques', which sets out the fields and the
thinking that underlie the new uses for robotics; 'Projects',
offering detailed presentations that explore through prototypes
and working models how these principles can be applied and
augmented; and 'Platforms', which presents the working tools used
for this new genre of improvisational robotics through specially
drawn technical illustrations.

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Item Code: ROBOHOU

ISBN: 9780500343159

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 336

Dimensions: H 250mm x W 203mm x D 28mm

Weight: 1436g