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Rory The Dinosaur Me And My Dad


Rory The Dinosaur  Me And My Dad

Rory The Dinosaur Me And My Dad

Meet Rory, the dinosaur. He loves spending time with his dad, but
today he wants to go on his own adventure and explore his island
home. He can't wait to tell his dad all about the things he can
do all by himself, from crossing rivers to finding shelter from
the rain. Little does Rory know, his father is never far behind.
There's nothing Rory's dad won't do for his intrepid son - he'll
even let him think he's made the journey all by himself.

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Price: $7.99

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Item Code: RORDINO

ISBN: 9780316703284

Format: Board Book

Pages: 24

Dimensions: H 180mm x W 160mm x D 10mm

Weight: 194g