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Sacred Cut The


Sacred Cut  The

Sacred Cut The

For the first time in decades The Eternal City is paralysed by a
blizzard. And a gruesome discovery is made in the Pantheon - one
of Rome's most ancient and revered architectural treasures.
Covered by falling snow is the body of a young woman - her back
horribly mutilated.
But before Nic Costa and Gianni Peroni of the Questura can begin
a formal investigation the US Embassy has brought in its own
people, FBI Agents who want the case closed down as quickly and
discreetly as possible. But Costa is determined to find out why
the enquiry is so sensitive - and as the FBI grudgingly admits
that this corpse is not the first, the mutilations of the woman's
body point to Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man - and to a
conspiracy so sinister and buried so deep, that only two people
know its true, crazed meaning.

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Item Code: SACRCUT

ISBN: 9780330545679

Format: Paperback

Pages: 481

Dimensions: H 196mm x W 130mm x D 30mm

Weight: 354g