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Sharpe's Eagle


Sharpe's Eagle

Sharpe's Eagle

Spain, July 1809
Lieutenant Richard Sharpe faces not only great danger on the
battlefield but also, even more dangerous, treachery within his
own ranks. But as the enemy approaches, he must pick up his rifle
and prepare to lead his men against the French at one of the
biggest, bloodiest fights of the war - the Battle of Talavera.
Out of the mist comes the roaring, undefeated army sent by
Emperor Napoleon. Over their heads soar the Eagles, the standards
touched by the hand of the Emperor himself. And boldly waiting
for them is Sharpe.

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Item Code: SHAEAGL

ISBN: 9780007425891

Format: Paperback

Pages: 302

Dimensions: H 198mm x W 129mm x D 21mm

Weight: 224g