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Sweet Dreams


Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Sleep is not an isolated part of a baby's life, instead it is
intertwined with factors like nutrition, development and
personality. This book delves into a baby's world and explores
it through the lens of sleep. It presents ways to improve sleep
habits, solve sleep problems and explains how parents should act
in order to establish and maintain good sleep habits in their
babies and small children. Using the book you'll be able to -
correct your baby's sleep timings and rhythms, review and change
your responses to your baby's night waking, teach your baby to
fall asleep alone, day and night. Use the specially designed
charts to see what's normal at any age.

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Item Code: SWEEDRE

ISBN: 9781909066021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 143

Dimensions: H 245mm x W 190mm x D 12mm

Weight: 552g