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Titans Of War

by Chadbourn, Mark; SMITH, WILBUR

Titans Of War

Titans Of War

For over fifty years Egypt has known nothing but war and
devastation at the handsof the Hyksos, a bloodthirsty barbarian
people from the distant east who continueto advance, crushing
armies in their wake. Times are desperate, but throughout
theconflict, a brave resistance fights on under the great Taita,
a slave who has risenfar beyond his ranks.
Piay, entrusted into Taita's care by his parents at the age of
just five, has been trained to become a great spy, unmatched by
any other. Determined to prove hisworth, he embarks on a
dangerous mission to the lands in the north - to Mycenae and
through the heart of Hyksos land and across the great sea - to
find allies to help defend Egypt. As the situation becomes
increasingly precarious, and the fate of the kingdom is hanging
in the balance, can Piay succeed in his quest or will this
mean the end of the glory that is Egypt once and for all?

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ISBN: 9781838776329

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 403

Dimensions: H 240mm x W 160mm x D 40mm

Weight: 660g