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Together With You


Together With You

Together With You

I slide my hand into the crook of your arm, as you open your big
brolly wide. We both can stay dry when the spring showers fall,
if we dash through the drops, side by side.
As spring turns to summer, and autumn turns to winter, we follow
a little boy and his grandmother as they take delight in
everything the changing seasons have to offer - from jumping in
puddles, to tasting sweet ice lollies, to nestling under blankets
on a cold, snowy night. But no matter the weather, whatever they
do, their joy is in being together, in the small - but momentous
- adventures that they share.

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ISBN: 9781406385847

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 32

Dimensions: H 265mm x W 240mm x D 8mm

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