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Mum, Me And The Mulberry Tree

Trees Haiku From Roots To Leaves


Trees  Haiku From Roots To Leaves

Trees Haiku From Roots To Leaves

In a unique melding of science and poetry, a collection of haiku
extols the wonder of trees?and explores the vital roles they play
on our living planet.
perched on a branch,
the crow?s nest amid green sails
a place for daydreams
From the giant tree ferns of the forests primeval to the hardy
sycamores of today's urban forests, experience the essence of
trees through poems that engage with every season and stage of
the life cycle, from seed to photosynthesis. A broad exploration
of a majestic subject, this collection of haiku touches on such
topics as the importance of trees to other living creatures and
the communication of trees with one another through a complex
network of roots.

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Item Code: TREHAFR

ISBN: 9781536215502

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 48

Dimensions: H 275mm x W 235mm x D 10mm

Weight: 456g