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Yin Xiuzhen


Yin Xiuzhen

Yin Xiuzhen

This volume comprises of five sections.
The Interview is a discussion between author and artist and their
influences and motivations, the Survey looks at the artist's work
in historical and contemporary context, Focus is an analysis of a
single piece of the artist's work, Studio Visit brings you into
the artist's creative space and Artist's Writing gives further
insight into the artist themselves.
In the Interview Hou Hanru discusses the artist's influences and
motivations, and the dramatic changes that affected contemporary
Chinese art over the past two decades. Wu Hung's Survey offers a
deep insight into the historical context in which Yin's work
developed, from painting to her public actions in the streets of
Beijing and the second-hand clothes sculptures that would
eventually become her signature pieces.

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ISBN: 9780714867489

Format: Paperback

Pages: 160

Dimensions: H 290mm x W 254mm x D 14mm

Weight: 1052g