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Mystica A Detailed Colouring Book Of Magic, Myth

Your Amazing Child


Your Amazing Child

Your Amazing Child

Your child IS amazing. Capable, self-motivated, imaginative and
intelligent. They concentrate, problem solve and cooperate. They
dress themself and keep their room tidy.
It's not in your dreams. It's 'in real life' thanks to the
teaching of Maria Montessori, which empowers kids to do things
for themselves from an early age. It's all about playing and
learning through play. Discover her secrets with the activities
in this book, and welcome the benefits of happy, focussed kids
and relaxed, successful parents.
Empower your little ones with these montessori-inspired ways to

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Item Code: MYAMACH

ISBN: 9781922432711

Format: Paperback

Pages: 192

Dimensions: H 245mm x W 195mm x D 17mm

Weight: 604g