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Zap Extra Diy Putty Lab


Zap Extra  Diy Putty Lab

Zap Extra Diy Putty Lab

Get ready for hours of entertainment with Zap! Extra DIY Putty
Lab! Squish, decorate, and experiment with your very own
play-putty creations!
This fun-filled kit has enough putty to get you started, plus a
48-page book about all the cool things you can do with it. There
are projects for magnetic putty, glow-in-the-dark putty, rainbow
putty and heaps more! Plus, learn about the history and science
behind this sticky, mouldable material, as well as its practical
uses. There are loads of bonus tips for things you can add to
your putty to make it even more fun. Time to get creative!

Top Price: $22.99

Price: $12.99

Plenty Of Stock

Item Code: ZAPDIPU

ISBN: 9781488920066

Format: Kit or Box Set

Collection: ZAP Extra Titles

Pages: 48

Dimensions: H 260mm x W 190mm x D 40mm

Weight: 336g

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