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Cityscapes From Paris To New York Gottfried Salzm

by Hochleitner, Martin; SCHAFFER, NIKOLAUS

Cityscapes From Paris To New York Gottfried Salzm

Cityscapes From Paris To New York Gottifried Salzm

For decades Gottfried Salzmann has been taking the art of
watercolour painting to exciting and original levels. In his
countless urban landscapes of New York, San Francisco, and Paris,
Salzmann combines watercolours with acrylic and pencil or pen, or
incorporates photography and printmaking into the finished piece.
This retrospective volume offers an overview of Salzmann's
oeuvre. Although he works in other media, Salzmann considers
himself a watercolourist first, preferring to champion the
medium's flexibility, transgress the narrow notions of its
application, and build bridges to the domains of other visual
arts. As a result his collage like paintings offer a window into
the urban life that inspires his work. Text in English, German,
and French

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Item Code: CITYSCA

ISBN: 9783791353067

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 231

Dimensions: H 298mm x W 241mm x D 31mm

Weight: 1634g