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Double Happiness


Double Happiness

Double Happiness

Bullshit has always been with us, but the proliferation of media
in the last century means we are now drowning in the stuff. If we
were to strip bullshit from our conversations, television
screens, newspapers and airwaves we would barely recognize what
remained. Bullshit has become so accepted that people cannot
only make a living from it, and use it to achieve power, prestige
and wealth, they can even win prizes for it. Unironic prizes.
In this biting new book Joe Bennett unpacks examples of everyday
bullshit - commercial, spiritual and political. Anyone who reads
Double Happiness will at least be able to identify exactly how
they are having bullshit foisted upon them - and at the same
time, relish some vigorous argument from a master stylist.

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Item Code: DOUHAPP

ISBN: 9781869509576

Format: Paperback

Pages: 235

Dimensions: H 210mm x W 135mm x D 20mm

Weight: 258g