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Pick Three


Pick Three

Pick Three You Can Have It All!

In an increasingly demanding world, we've been told that we can
do it all - maintain close friendships, devote ourselves to work,
spend time with family, stay fit and get enough sleep. But who
can do everything - and do it well - every day? Imagine
eliminating the pressure to be perfect. Now you can achieve
balance over weeks and years. Randi Zuckerberg has the solution:
Pick Three. In Pick Three, Randi dives deep into each of the five
categories, revealing stories from her own impressive career as
well as engaging interviews from Olympic athletes, medical
professionals, media moguls, seasoned Silicon Valley leaders and
even her own mother - this practical handbook proves that there
is a way to manage all the tensions we face each day. Because you
can have it all, if you just Pick Three.

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Price: $7.99

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Item Code: PICTHRE

ISBN: 9780062849199

Format: Paperback

Pages: 257

Dimensions: H 209mm x W 140mm x D 22mm

Weight: 294g